Our story.


Novato Group is a company focused on seeking investments and driving growth for its owners and fellow investors. Investments include real estate and technology start ups in both Australasia and North America. The Novato team has developed a number of business from concept through to full operation including all aspects of financing, international operations, team establishment, IPO's and other key tasks. We are continuously on the search for new opportunities and ways to assist organisations through these exciting periods.


In addition to being an investor and project developer we provide leadership in business development including concept viability, implementation, public relations and content marketing. We have extensive experience in providing strategic services and have a particular interest in working with entrepreneurs and start-up incubators to ensure their success. These skills have been honed through years of direct experience and success.


Novato through its success has also developed an expertise in marketing, public relations and events management. This key skill is often overlooked in the development of businesses. The implementation of these services increases a companies chance of success and we pride ourselves on our current and previous work.